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African Grass

Artifical Thatch Products

African Grass Thatch

Inspired by: African Grass (Hyparrhenia hirta)

African Grass Thatch (Hyparrhenia hirta) is a species of grass native to much of Africa and Eurasia. In South Africa, where it is native, it is one of the most widely used natural thatching materials.

Product Dimensions
(SynThatch® Shingles)

Shingle Dimensions:  24 x 16 inches / 61.0 x 40.6 cms
Shingle Weight: 2 lbs / 0.9 kgs

Product Dimensions
(SynThatch® Eaves/Fascia)

Eave-Fascia (aka Wadd) Dimensions:
3 x 36 inches / 7.62 x 95.25 x 12 cms
Weight: 3.97 lbs / 1.80 kgs

Box Dimensions
(SynThatch® Shingles)

Contents: 28 shingles/box
Weight: 62 lbs / 28.1 kgs

Box Dimensions
(SynThatch® Eaves/Fascia)

Contents: 18 items/box
Weight: 72.75 lbs / 33 kgs

Why Choose SynThatch®..?

Tough & Durable

Every SynThatch® shingle anchored by our industry-leading FlexBinder© - a durable fiberglass-reinforced binder system. SynThatch® shingles are 100% guaranteed to be resistant to wind, rain, sun, snow and rot.


SynThatch® shingles are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
- Class-A Fire (E-108)
- Accelerated Weathering (D-4798)
- 4,500h Xenon-Arc Exposure (G-155)
- 4,500h Tensile Strength (D-638)
- 4,500h Color Stability (D-2244)

Naturally Beautiful

SynThatch® was specially crafted to mimic the look and feel of natural thatch roofing. Through our process, every SynThatch® shingle is unique. Synthatch® can be used on any project that demands a natural thatch look and feel.

Try Our Project Estimator

Every project is unique, so we provide an online project estimator to assist you with your custom SynThatch® solution.