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About Val & Company
About Val & Company
About Val & Company

The Industry Pioneer

Val Deer

With over 45 years of experience, Master Thatch Craftsman Val Deer is legendary in both the natural and artificial thatch roofing industries.

Val is legendary in the field of thatch roofing, He is the pioneer that brought centuries-old Native American, and other worldly heavy timber framing and thatch techniques to commercial roofing and construction projects. He improved on those ancient methods, by using modern technology and methods of his own invention. Val built iconic projects that helped create the surge of interest in thatched roofing, bamboo, heavy timber framing, log and pole construction as beautiful, unusual, and sturdy architecture. His techniques and his materials are recognized and admired around the world.

Val first learned thatch roofing techniques as a child from his father and other Choctaw thatch artisans while being raised in Mississippi, USA.  Val Deer began his professional odyssey in 1968 by re-inventing and establishing an entire genre of architecture when he built a one of a kind thatched Lake Party Barge and tiki-themed waterpark on the Gulf Coast of the Florida panhandle.

As Val’s reputation expanded, he traveled the world, learning and perfecting all types of Thatching methods and mastering all of the major traditional Thatching materials: Reed, Grass, Straw and Palm.

Val holds the very first license in the United States issued by the State of Florida Construction Licensing Board in traditional thatch construction and authored the requirements for the inspection of thatched roof and log construction adopted by Florida. 

A.C.E. Thatch and Bamboo, Inc.

Val founded A.C.E. Thatch and Bamboo, Inc. in 1973.  The name A.C.E. came from the acronym of African, Caribbean and European, emphasizing the global nature of the company and its influence. Starting as a one man operation, the companys has grown into a conglomerate that imports from over 27 countries.  It’s dual meaning of “first” or “best” emphasizes the company’s prominent position as the undisputed leader of premium thatch roofing.

 For each job undertaken, an A.C.E. Master Thatcher personally directs the collection, transportation and installation of materials needed for the project.

On each project, Val is known for hand-selecting the finest quality thatching materials available.  Val’s work at Mission San Luis garnered national recognition and an award by then-President George W. Bush.

Under the leadership of living legend Val Deer, the company’s aim is to provide superior products and impeccable craftsmanship to discerning clients around the Globe. We can deliver anywhere in the world, safely, on time, and within the initially agreed budget.in

Top-Level Clients

Val’s driving vision and dedication to quality work attracted top-tier clients who wanted nothing but the best artisans to construct authentic thatch roofing that adhered to traditional styles and techniques. 

The list of Val’s commercial clients include: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Miami Metro Zoo, Mission San Luis and The Shakespeare Globe Theater.

On the residential side, Val has been fortunate to work for an A-list of world-famous celebrities, including:  Sir Richard Branson, Sean Combs, Gloria Estafan, Julio Iglesias, Tommy Mottola and Paul Tudor Jones.

A Global Brand

Mr. Deer’s one man operation almost thirty years ago has now grown into a company that imports from over 27 different countries, and has satellite offices in Asia and Africa.  They have built thousands of Thatch structures across the globe and are familiar with all Thatching materials – Grass, Palm, Reed or Mexican Rain cape.

At any time of the year, A.C.E. Thatch has construction crews installing both natural thatch and SynThatch® roofing material throughout the globe. And, in collaboration with partner factories running 24/7, A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo creates more artificial thatch roofing products than all other companies combined.

With the backing of Val Deer,  SynThatch® is a name that stands for quality and craftsmanship on any project.

I know you have choices…  Thank You for choosing SynThatch® and A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc – A Deer Global affiliate.

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