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We have combined the significance and style of natural thatch with a number of thoughtful, inventive design characteristics that mimic the beauty of Natural African Grass, Caribbean Palm, and European Reed. SynThatch® puts a new and effective tool in the hands of Designers, Architects, Dealers and Thatch Professionals everywhere. You be the judge.


Designed with an eye for uniqueness of character and a tolerance for only the highest quality, we can offer an impressive range of color, texture, and aesthetic appeal. We have painstakingly tested and improved SynThatch® over the years to bring you a product to be truly proud of. It represents the very best in artificial thatch and is America's oldest and most trusted name in synthetic thatch products.


The three modes available represent some of the oldest and most beautiful thatching styles in the world, and can be brought to your project anywhere on the planet courtesy of SynThatch®.

"The Most Believable Artificial Thatch Roof Material in the World"

You won't find a more authentic artificial thatch.


This is a bold statement we know, but we sincerely believe that SynThatch® represents a huge step forward in synthetic thatch design and fixing.


From its genuine look to the innovative flexible binding, SynThatch® is at the cutting edge of artificial thatch design and installation.