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SynThatch® synthetic African Grass Thatch is the result of painstaking research and development by the world renowned Master Thatcher who developed it. Having spent many years studying and working with African thatchers and materials we are secure in the knowledge that nothing matches the authenticity of SynThatch® African Grass Thatch.

If there's one thing that affects natural thatch more than anything, it's the sun - particularly the blazing African sun.


We saw how traditional African grass thatch is gets it's unique look, and came to the conclusion that it's the  sun that makes the difference.


So we produced a lighter shade of tile to represent the bleached look of traditional grass roofing, and so have perfectly captured the natural shades of African thatch.

What Makes Our Artificial African Thatch So Real?

African Thatch - Create a stunning contemporary or traditional look for your project.

Because of its design and flexible binding, installation is quick and easy, with less waste. SynThatch® African Grass Thatch is the perfect choice for the Homeowner or any size thatch project from Pool Houses and Gazebos to Resort Hotels and Zoos. Bring the Savannah to your home with SynThatch® synthetic African Grass Thatch


SynThatch® is manufactured to the very highest specifications and is truly one of the prime artificial thatch products available in the world today. If you are looking for an incredible alternative to African grass thatch then you need look no further.