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Artificial European Reed Thatch


The traditional European style of thatch has not changed in thousands of years, and the materials have not changed in that time either - until now. There is an alternative, and it's SynThatch®


Travel thru northern Europe and Great Britain, and you will come across some of most beautiful and romantic styles of thatching in the world. Whether it's a huge Dutch barn or a beautiful English country cottage, this style has a timeless quality unique to this part of the world.


The gentle curves and subtle changes of hue give any roof an Old World charm sought after throughout the world, and SynThatch® Reed perfectly imitates this look.


We have recreated this  thru the fine textures and subtle tones of SynThatch® European Reed, and are convinced that it represents the very best alternative to the real thing.


For Theme Parks, Zoos and Vacation Destinations, SynThatch® synthetic European reed is the closest you will get to the traditional European thatch look without the bulky materials and mess that accompany it.