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The polymers used in the manufacture of SynThatch® are hard wearing and long-lasting, requiring no maintenance or special attention throughout their life.

The Artificial Thatch Alternative...

Once fixed, SynThatch® will provide years of proven resistance to decay, wind and UV damage, and has an ASTM E108 Class A and B fire rating.

Combining the significance and style of natural thatch with a number of thoughtful, inventive design characteristics, SynThatch® puts a new and effective artificial thatch tool in the hands of designers, architects, dealers, home builders and thatch professionals everywhere.


From the bold and exotic to the sophisticated and refined, SynThatch®, though it is a synthetic product, shares a common dimensional feature that sets it apart from anything that exists in the artificial thatch industry today.


SynThatch® comes in three distinct varieties - African grass, Caribbean palm and European reed, each designed to suit your vision.

SynThatch® is ideal for the larger scale project, combining ease of installation with amazing durability and aesthetic appeal. Quantities can be estimated with accuracy, and can be fitted without having to call upon expensive outside labor.

Artificial Thatch - Our mission


We are determined to continue to make SynThatch® the product of choice for anyone looking for a real alternative to natural thatch. We will work with our global partners to ensure that our consistently high level of service and manufacturing is available worldwide, whatever the scale of your project.

America's Oldest & Most Trusted Name In Synthetic Thatch

Thatch is one of the most beautiful roofing materials in the world, but as a natural product it suffers from organic decay and degradation. This is where artificial thatch roofing can help.


Invented by a World Class Master Thatcher, years of development and research have gone into perfecting SynThatch® as the only choice for architects, construction professionals or homeowners looking for the natural beauty of real thatch and the convenience of a modern artificial thatch alternative.