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At long last a synthetic thatch roofing product that gives the real thing some competition.

What is SynThatch®..?

“The Most Believable Architectural Thatch Roof Veneer In The World”

In 1988, Master Thatch artisan Val Deer was the first to create artificial thatch roofing.
“We created the industry as it is known today, we are the first company in America to become licensed and certified in the thatch roofing industry.”
Val personally authored the requirements for Thatch Roof installation and inspection guidelines, those guidelines were made law and remain in effect unchanged.
In other words “We Set The Thatch Roofing Standards in America” The first certified thatch roofer in the US. Certification/ license number is #1. Val authored the installation and inspection  guideline book that all thatch roofing companies must follow to be certified as a Thatch Roofer.
SynThatch® Is The Most Believable Architectural Thatch Roof Veneer In The World, with a flexible binder that allows it to be installed effortlessly.
SynThatch®... Is Superior. 
Is a ASTM/UL Class-A rated product that meets the highest standards, including the highly sought after ASTM E-108 Class-A fire rating and the Metro-Dade County protocol for hurricane-force wind-driven rain – the most stringent standards in the world. With our flexible binder, SynThatch® installs up to 60% faster than our old product with the stainless-steel-binder, and is a non-conductive product in the event of a lightning storm.

Others may call their products “original” or claim to be high-quality.  But if your project demands nothing but the best in Quality, Durability, Safety and Authenticity, then SynThatch® is the only choice for you.

What is A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc...?

A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. (“A.C.E.”) is the oldest Thatch Roofing Company in America.  Currently we offer African Grass Thatch, Caribbean Palm Thatch, European Reed Thatch, and Pacific Islander.  Custom designs are accepted with ease and have a quick turnaround/lead time.  Val has over 45 years’ experience in Natural Thatch Roofing.   He comes from a proud lineage of Choctaw thatch artisans in Mississippi, USA.

Val founded A.C.E. in 1973. The name A.C.E. came from the acronym of African, Caribbean and European, emphasizing the global nature of the company and its influence. Starting as a one man operation, the company has grown into a conglomerate that imports and exports to over 27 countries. It’s dual meaning of “first” or “best” emphasizes the company’s prominent position as the undisputed leader of premium thatch roofing.

In collaboration with partner factories running 24/7, A.C.E. produces more artificial thatch roofing than all other companies combined.

Why SynThatch®..?

Tough & Durable

Every SynThatch® shingle anchored by our industry-leading FlexBinder© - a durable fiberglass-reinforced binder system. SynThatch® shingles are 100% guaranteed to be resistant to wind, rain, sun, snow and rot.


SynThatch® shingles are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
- Class-A Fire (E-108)
- Accelerated Weathering (D-4798)
- 4,500h Xenon-Arc Exposure (G-155)
- 4,500h Tensile Strength (D-638)
- 4,500h Color Stability (D-2244)

Naturally Beautiful

SynThatch® was specially crafted to mimic the look and feel of natural thatch roofing. Through our process, every SynThatch® shingle is unique. Synthatch® can be used on any project that demands a natural thatch look and feel.

Where to Use SynThatch®

Commercial Projects

Use Synthatch® to enhance the appeal of your beach-themed resort, restaurant or bar. But why stop there..?  SynThatch® is an excellent choice for any commercial construction project that requires authentic-styled thatch roofing.

Residential Projects

Don’t get caught using low-grade materials for your one of a kind project..!  Synthatch® is the preferred choice for luxury homes and estates world-wide.

SynThatch® In Action

Artificial Architectural Thatch at Client Sites Worldwide

Don't Just Take Our Word...

Done the time-tested conventional way (thatch roofing) is a vital element in making Harambe and Africa natural and believable. You took all the risks and managed all the difficulties.”
Walt Disney World
Disney's Animal Kingdom
"Creating an authentic Caribbean style restaurant was our vision, but bringing the details to life was what your Artisans created for us."
California, USA
"It’s pretty easy for Val Deer to remember his thatch roofing licence number. It’s ‘one’..."
The Royal Gazette
Hamilton, Bermuda
"This is Green Roofing At It's Best"

Try Our Project Estimator

Every project is unique, so we provide an online project estimator to assist you with your custom SynThatch® solution.