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With over 50 years experience in natural and synthetic thatch we bring all our knowledge into creating the most realistic and maintenance free alternative to real thatch you can buy.


SynThatch® is resistant to wind, UV, pests and importantly has a CLASS A FIRE RATING - you can rely on it for many years of maintenance free life and a beauty that is unrivalled


Each of our three modes offers you a choice, each one representing the world's most popular types of thatch roofing material. Just choose your desired style and we will ship your beautiful new roof anywhere in the world


As Real As It Gets - No Specialist Required To Fix - No Fuss - No Mess


Take a look at the styles below, and take a journey into the world of your dreams...

Perfectly captures the subtle shades of African grass thatch.

Used throughout Europe, Reed Thatch brings you Olde World charm.

Palm Thatch, the worlds most popular style is recreated in our Caribbean range.

"The World's Most Believable Artificial Thatch Roof"